Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Longwood High School Administration is requesting your assistance. Due to changes in testing regulations, it is important that students DO NOT BRING ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES to school during testing week. This includes such devices as: cell phones, i-pods, ear-buds etc. Having these devices during the test will lead to their test being invalidated, regardless of their intended use, or if the device is active or unintentionally set off. Refusal to turn over a device prior to the test starting will lead to test invalidation or refusal to be allowed in a testing area. This policy applies to Regents exams and midterm/final examinations.

We will be making the following accommodation on a limited basis to limit the amount of invalidated exams. As always, students will have the opportunity to check their bags with security prior to entering an exam room. They will also have the opportunity to give their electronic device to their proctor prior to the beginning of the exam period. Electronic devices that are collected in the classroom will NOT be returned until ALL tests are collected. Furthermore, Longwood faculty and staff will NOT be responsible for any misplaced, lost or stolen items.

Electronic devices will not be returned until all students have handed in their exam, which can be as long as 3 hours. Unfortunately, the next set of buses leaves at 11:15AM and 3:25PM respectively. There are significantly fewer buses during that period of time. More students taking the later buses will lead to increase transit times home.

KEEPING ELECTRONIC DEVICES HOME is the best way to avoid testing invalidations, testing delays and maintaining a positive testing environment.  We are strongly requesting that you actively encourage your son or daughter to KEEP ELECTRONIC DEVICES HOME.

We understand that such devices are useful in making arrangements for day-to-day activities. The Longwood building administration would request that on the scheduled days, you make the appropriate arrangements in advance and, if necessary, you can contact your son’s or daughter’s administrator if there are any changes that need to be communicated to your child directly. Your child can also contact you through their administrator, counselor or the main office phone if need be.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. I have included a summary of the State regulations. We greatly appreciate the support from our parents.

Click HERE to access the NYS website which mandates prohibition of cell phones and electronic devices.