2019 January Regents Exams

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Welcome to Longwood High School’s January Regents page. The New York State Regents and local midterm testing days will be Tuesday, January 22nd through Friday, January 25th inclusive. This year we decided to create this user-friendly website exclusively for all parents and students and uploaded all the Regents and Mid-terms related materials. 

Regular pick-up time bus schedules are in effect for all morning exams.  However, the pick-up time for 11 a.m. exams will be 10:15 a.m.  STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A COPY OF THE “PM” BUS SCHEDULE A FEW DAYS PRIOR TO EXAM WEEK.

In the event that a student misses a midterm/final, they may take a make-up exam on Friday, January 25th, 7a.m.  To be eligible to take a make-up exam, a student must have permission from the teacher.  If a student misses a Regents exam, the next test administration will be in June 2019.

To maintain test security and to ensure a positive testing environment, the following procedures will be in place during testing week:

  • GEL PENS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Students are NOT allowed to use gel pens on any Regents exams or answer sheets. Please make sure to bring a ballpoint pen.
  • Only students scheduled for exams, or other scheduled activities, will be admitted into the building.
  • Entrance to the building will be restricted to the North Main Entrance.  Security will be present as students enter.
  • Students should bring only pens, pencils, review books, written notes, and calculators for required exams.  Backpacks, purses, and lunch bags will NOT be permitted into the building and should be left home.
  • In accordance with New York State Education Department test administration regulations, cell phones, i-pods, CD players, MP3 players, ear buds and any other electronic device will not be allowed into the building and should be left home.
  • All student lockers will be secured prior to testing week and students will not have access to them.
  • All students taking the Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II Regents exams will not be provided with a calculator since calculators were already distributed in class. Students must bring their calculators on the day of the exam.

Students bringing any of the prohibited items listed above will be required to surrender them at the door or in the classroom prior to the test being administered.  They may be retrieved after testing is completed.  Please tell your child to leave these items at home; to have it in their possession in the testing area will lead to their test being invalidated.

In closing, I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year.  For your convenience, below you will find the testing schedule and all other exam related information. If you still wish to receive a hard-copy of all the necessary exam related materials please call me at (631) 345-9205.


Sam Ahmed                                                             
Assistant Principal

Click HERE to access the 2019 JANUARY REGENTS SCHEDULE


Click HERE to access Longwood High School’s ELECTRONIC DEVICE POLICY

Click HERE to access the BUS SCHEDULE

Click HERE to access 16 ROUTE LIST

Click HERE to access 32 ROUTE LIST

Welcome To Longwood High School’s Exam Information Page

This page contains important information regarding Longwood High School’s Regents Exams.

If you have questions regarding exam eligibility or not sure if a student is scheduled for an exam, please contact our guidance department by calling (631) 345-9237 or (631) 345-9227.

If you have questions regarding exam content or make-up exam eligibility, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

All the letters and information packets related to January testing will be available on this website. In addition, students will be provided with an exam related packet that will include bus routes and Regents related materials in class a week prior to Regents week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly by calling (631) 345-9205.

Mr. Ahmed
Assistant Principal