2018 August Regents Exams

Dear Parents or Guardian:

August 2018 Regents Exams are scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 16th and Friday, August 17th. Only students that are registered will be allowed to take August Regents. Students must be registered by their counselors or by completing the form below BY THURSDAY, JULY 12th.

Earth Science Performance Exam is scheduled to take place August 14th and 15th from 8:00am to 9:45am. All students MUST take the performance exam prior to taking the Earth Science Regents. 

State exams will be administered at the high school. In order to maintain security and to ensure a positive testing environment, the following procedures will be in place during testing:

  • Only students who are scheduled for exams will be admitted to the building.  Bring Student Identification with you.
  • Entrance to the building will be restricted to the North Main Entrance.   Security staff will be present as students enter.  
  • Students should bring only ballpoint pens (gel pens are NOT allowed), pencils and calculators for required exams.

BACKPACKS, PURSES, HANDBAGS, and LUNCH BAGS, ETC. WILL NOT BE PERMITTED into the building and should be left home.

In accordance with New York State Education Department test administration regulations, cell phones, IPODS, CD players, MP3 players, and any other electronic device WILL NOT be allowed into the building and should be left home.

  • Students taking two or more Regents/RCT Exams may bring snacks and/or lunch provided it is packed in a large, clear Ziploc bag.  Brown paper bags WILL NOT be permitted.  Snack/lunch bags will be inspected upon entrance to the building.  Neither food service nor vending machines will be made available.     
  • Students bringing any of the prohibited items listed above will be required to surrender them at the door.  They may be retrieved after testing is completed.   Please tell your children to leave these items at home.

Reporting time for all students will be 7:00 a.m. for morning exams and 11:00 a.m. for afternoon exams.  

There is NO bus transportation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 345 – 9237 OR 345 – 9205.


Sam Ahmed
Assistant Principal

Regents Review Classes

All students must report to the High School at 8am for their Regents Review Sessions.
Review Session Dates: Tuesday August 7 through Tuesday August 14 (No classes August 10 or 15)

Session 1 (8:00am – 9:30am)
Session 2 (9:35am – 11:00am)

Subject Teacher Room
U.S. History Session 1 Ms. Streim 1503
Global History (A-J) Session 1 Mr. Vincent 1504
Global History (K-Z) Session 2 Mr. Mathews 1505
Earth Science (A-J) Session 1 Mr. Lipponer 1400
Earth Science (K-Z) Session 2 Ms. Cristallo 1404
Living Environment Session1 Mr. Kelly 1506
Algebra 1 Session 1 Ms. Molloy 1507
Algebra 2 Session 1 Ms. Weeks 1508
Geometry Session 1 Ms. Sykes 1510
August Regents Exam – Thursday August 16 (7AM)
Exam Room Last Name
Algebra 1 1502 A-Herb
Algebra 1 1503 Herc-Rei
Algebra 1 1504 Rej-Z
Algebra 1 1505 Overflow
ELA 1508 A-Z
ELA 1510 Overflow
Chemistry 1401 A-D
Chemistry 1403 E-Mc
Chemistry 1511 Me-Z
August Regents Exam – Thursday August 16 (11AM)
Exam Room Last Name
Global History 1502 A-He
1503 Hi-Rob
1504 Roc-Z
1505 Overflow
Algebra 2 1508 A-Z
1510 Overflow
August Regents Exam – Friday August 17 (7AM)
Exam Room Last Name
US History 1502 A-Z
1503 Overflow
1505 Overflow
Earth Science 1401 A-F
1403 G-M
1511 N-Z
August Regents Exam – Friday August 17 (11AM)
Exam Room Last Name
Geometry 1502 A-Burg
1503 Burh-Die
1504 Dif-I
1505 J-Marc
1506 Mard-Pai
1507 Paj-Sau
1508 Sav-Van
1509 Vap-Z
Living Environment 1401 A-Gia
1403 Go-Sm
1511 So-Z


Click HERE to access the August 2018 Regents Schedule

Click HERE to access the August Regents Review Classes Sign-up

Click HERE to access the August Regents Exam Sign-up


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